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There's a brush on the palette..I think I see a shade of hope.  I'm making 3 small, 3 medium & 5 larges, 3 xls and only 1 of the xxl. This will sell out super quick.  Once this design is gone, it's gone.  All the money made from the constantly updated merchandise will go right back into the project.  Thank you for your support and for helping make this middle-aged dream possible.


 - 100% No Sweatshops & Eco-Friendly

- I made sure to order really high quality hoodies that you'll be stoked to wear 10 years from now.  All the merch I'm making is a bit high end (and thus prices are a bit higher) but I want to set the standard high for really great merch that you'll enjoy for decades. (see product description). No cheap entry level hoodies here.  Looks good, feels good, fits good.

Heather Navy Hoodie

Charcoal: Navy Heather